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Airbnb Tips & Tricks - Bed Sheet Set Organization

Updated: Jun 8

In 2019 I started my #airbnb journey. The Power's House, a historic home built in 1910, was the first big project and a very steep learning curve. Heading into the chaos of 2020 I found myself wondering why I had started another project that I would with pure stubbornness see to completion and success. Now almost four years later I have four units and a mountain of hard lessons learned. If you have every wanted to start your own airbnb rental unit stay tuned for tips & tricks that would've made my journey much smoother. Don't wait - begin hosting and start earning NOW!

There are many things that make turning a rental space over after hosting easier. Anything you can do to streamline the process of cleaning and managing the day to day operations is essential. Sheet organization is essential to lessening the headache of turning the beds over and moving on. There is nothing worse that fumbling thru a drawer or tote of sheets to figure out which ones match and whether or not you you have the correct size. I have tried totes but they are clunky and organization within them is exhausting. The best item I have found for bedding and sheet organization is a Foldable Linen Closet Organizer. There are many on the market that will work great. However, the product that I feel gives you the most bang for your buck is the Yecaye Bed Sheet Organizer. The fabric and zippers are higher quality than others like it at the same price point.


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